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About Elveden Ales

About Elveden Ales

Elveden Ales are a small craft brewer based on the Elveden Estate near Thetford in Suffolk.

They are part of the East Anglian Brewers Co-operative and proprietor Frances Moore is the daughter of founder and Iceni Brewery supremo Brendan Moore.

The Co-operative means that the members share buying power as well as some ideas and expertise but Elveden are very much a specialist brewer - concentrating on niche products - hence their association with Harwich Charter Ale.

Being a small, specialist microbrewer means that Elveden do not produce large quantities of "running" beer but small batches of high quality product - the vast majority of which is bottled. Brewing is labour intensive and the high quality ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible. Sometimes, however, distance is travelled in the persuit of perfection such as the visit to France to acquire the oak casks that impart such a glorious flavour to certain beers.

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